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World’s Coolest Intern

Hey Standard Chartered! Get ready for a World’s Coolest Intern application that will shake things up!

It’s pretty simple…

I believe there’s three rules for social media (click for examples):

Curious about what I’ve been doing for the World’s Coolest Intern comp? Check out my campaign diary.

Also read this blog for some marketing posts inspired by being in the World’s Coolest Intern.

A bit about me

My name’s Katherine – I’m an Australian-born Chinese girl currently finishing final year uni in Adelaide, and trying to move to Singapore.

Random facts: I nearly became a competition gymnast. I’ve been in a cake fight. I’m teaching myself French. (Slowly.)

I love marketing; it’s a field where I have to do all kinds of things that I love, like photography, writing, finding out what gets other people excited, dressing nicely and being up to date with cool and quirky things. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Why I’d be a great candidate for working on Breeze

  • I’ve got an intrapreneurial, creative outlook. I don’t just want to answer the brief; I want to solve the problem and create more business opportunities while I’m at it.
  • My marketing/social media consulting background means I know what I’m talking about, but my Investment Management Certificate from CFA UK means I also have a good understanding of the core product.
  • I work hard…and play harder. (Right now I’m doing final year law, freelancing as a content producer and running a fashion show. I enjoy two out of three of these.)
  • I talk to a variety of people at all levels of business and completely different industries. They’re the people I want to create a better customer experience for.
  • I’m an international candidate for an international bank – I’ve worked in Australia, Singapore and the Czech Republic, and travelled to even more places. (Check out my ‘Where I’ve been’ map)
  • Though I’ve done a lot, I’m still hungry for more experiences. I’m a fast learner and taking on new things all the time, but I want more!
  • I practically live on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. Yeah, I know.
  • I was already considering applying for one of Standard Chartered’s management graduate programs in Singapore before World’s Coolest Intern came out.
  • I’m with the team consensus on paper over plastic and Coke over Pepsi. And should a discussion of fruits and vegetables come up, I can bring a much-needed balance to the pronounciation discussion – it’s TO-MA-TO, not to-me-to!

Still got questions? Email me – worldscoolestintern [at]


My TED-style pitch for one of my product ideas:

An idea to make saving social:

More to be released post-comp 😉


Why should I be the World’s Coolest Intern? Well, here’s what the punters had to say.

What I’ve done before

You’ll find proof of what I’ve done all across the web.

Whether you read The Grass Is Greener On the Internet, check out positions I’ve held on LinkedIn, say hi on Twitter, read my Twitter article on Evan Carmichael or find out how I made technology sound simple for Solar Shop Australia (they’re a great bunch, say hi from me), you’ll find the same thing – I’m passionate about marketing and doing better business.

I’ve built websites from coding to content and was blogging before it was cool. I’ve written social media training manuals and strategy docs, seeking out the best options for the purposes of each client.

My Adelaide fashion blog caughtcouture (it’s on Facebook too)  has reached the top million sites in the world within 2 months of getting an Alexa ranking (and now sought out by PR firms for event coverage). I’ve become a connector for the fashion bloggers in Adelaide, running meet-ups and a design challenge/fashion show.

I’ve also been a part-time marketing freelancer/consultant for most of my uni career, quietly creating content and generating ideas in NFP, media, tech retail and health. I’ve also volunteered a lot of time for causes I believe in, such as being a Communications VP for AIESEC, Project Manager for GAPS Australia and intern for CSR Asia Singapore.

Pretty much everything I’ve done has come from my own initiative, taking up every opportunity I can!

Help me

There may be giveaways on Facebook so watch out for them – plus if I win the party will be…wait for it…LEGENDARY


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Good luck! 🙂

Comment by Yi

Coolness!! Thanks Kath for running an osum comp! My pals were stoked when they won! Twas so easy too 🙂

Best of luck!! *Hi 5s worlds coolest intern!!*

Comment by Michael Hill

wow… nice entry!

i joined as well, but not as good as yours..
feel free to check out 🙂

Comment by RRB

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Got here via Google contexual ads! You sound like quite the perfect candidate for the job! Good luck 😀

Comment by Shivya

PS: Let me know if I can help in any way.
Twitter: @shivya

Comment by Shivya

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We did it to the Top 20! I was meaning to wish you luck several days ago but I just can’t access WordPress from work so here I am, CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go Katherine, stay awesome! 🙂

Comment by Jonha @ Happiness

whow – this is awesome kat.. just heard you made top 10 and wanted to say well done! Also.. i didn’t realise that caughtcourture had taken off in such a big way – i mean i knew i liked and followed it, but to be in top million is pretty cool. You’re kickin goals girl. We’ll all do dragonfly once exams are over – when do you head off? Going away do??

Comment by Andy

Yeah it’s been doing pretty well, not sure exactly where it’s placing because it’s got two Alexa entries and I can’t merge them right now (long story) but I’d say right now it’s in the 400,000s…

Really hanging out for a d-fly night right now, when do you finish? I’m done next week so I’ll give you all a message!

Comment by K

[…] made it into the Top20 and subsequently, Top10. Duane (great ideas), Farah (fun to read), Katherine (extensive relevant experience), Soshi (quirky humour), Stooffi (great vid for her Top20 […]

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hi katherine

I somehow came across this page and might as well read your work. I mean its awesome to a successful person like you, doing so much with your life. I see that you love marketing alot, I am a marketing graduate myself and I love this field so much and I have to agree with the work behind it, you know like writing, managing this and that, its tough but its a good experience. I am trying to kick start my marketing career, I m from australia as well, so any ideas or any advice where I can start off with my marketing career or get a marketing job? I tried many companies..its hard to get it though, so if you could give me some tips or anything thats helpful that would be great, I appreciate that..once again you’re such an inspiration! thanks

Comment by Chillian

Hey Chillz! Thanks for your comment, always good to connect with other aspiring marketers! The best advice I’ve received is to first figure out where you want to be, then get as much experience as you can. Even if you have to work for free to learn, it’ll help you get ahead.

It’s pretty competitive to get into marketing right now, and to get a job in Australia in general, so everything you do helps. Blogging in particular gives you more visibility – a quick Google search by a potential employer will tell them how you think. It also helps to connect with some of the movers and shakers in the industry who also blog.

Good luck!

Comment by K

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