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Creating creativity
October 30, 2010, 2:07 pm
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I’d been eyeing off their Masters of Management (Digital Business), so when I heard there was a speaker from IE (Madrid) was in town I had to go and meet him.

IE specialises in entrepreneurship and creativity, so it made sense that AP rep Dirk Hopfl was speaking on ‘creating creativity’.

Honestly, after law study all week it was a breath of fresh air. He covered a lot of aspects, including:

  • the creative process + rules (yes, there are some rules for being creative! ‘don’t assume you know the answer’ is a good start!)
  • the important of creativity for business and business leaders
  • some techniques for getting better creative results
  • examples of using creativity

In particular, I love this example of the creative process IDEO applied to the Spanish bank BBVA and their ATMs.

The presentation was incredibly relevant to a lot of the things I’m doing right now (like making my World’s Coolest Intern app awesome).

It’s not only directly relevant – making banking a more intuitive and enjoyable customer experience – but the process is one that you can learn from no matter what you’re doing.

I really like the approach they’ve taken. You can’t design a customer service without putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. At the same time, you need to draw ideas from outside the existing customer experience in order to make good customer service great.

I never thought I’d say ‘I can’t wait to try that ATM’…but that’s the effect of creativity.


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