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Campaign Diary

What I’ve been doing for the World’s Coolest Intern competition

Day 1: I’ve set up the Facebook page and email address. Now to see who adds me!

Day 2: Blog showing up on the third page of Google search for ‘World’s Coolest Intern’. I think I can do better though! The first day goal of 60 friends has officially been surpassed! Nice to have a couple of Standard Chartered friends, especially from the Breeze team!

Day 3: Entry page (this one!) is now second page of Google search, right after the official ‘how to submit’ page. Still waiting on confirmation for Adwords credit. On the plus side, had a bit of a chat with Jamorn on Twitter.

Day 4: So I’ve been slacking off on social media for a while due to uni + other projects, I’d forgotten how much fun it can be! And also, how much time it takes…with competition heating up and exams on the way, the next week or so will be interesting.

Had a great chat with Keith (Qais Consulting), one of the partners for the competition. Watching the video with all of the partners makes me want this job even more…

Day 5: Competition is definitely getting tougher. I’ve checked out a couple of other applicants (Twingly has been great for tracking) and there’s some amazing stories out there. I’ve also mixed things up a bit on Facebook.

Got to meet Dirk, the AP rep for IE business school, and have a chat about creativity. It was a much-needed shake-up. Some great idea-starters and a case study which is really relevant to the competition.

Day 6: I think about half the people I have on Facebook are people I don’t know. It’s great to meet some new people! Also a pleasant surprise to be added by a former StanChart employee, who had some encouraging words.

Day 8: Last undergrad lecture ever today! It’s now exam time, which is slowing down what I wanted to do for this competition – a bit annoying! But it’s not over til it’s over…

Day 10: Drew my giveaway today, it’s helped me meet lots of people, which has been awesome. Have been taking a closer look at Jamiq’s analysis tools to see what metrics they actually use. There’s nothing like realising that your campaign (and a lot of other peoples) is potentially counter-productive. Wishing I had my Radian6 access back right about now!

Day 12: I came into this not just to try and win but to do so in a way which would help me build connections with more people, not just build hits quickly. No matter how the competition goes, the people I’ve met have been amazing.

Day 13: Today is the day of videos 😉 My first ever Youtube upload, all in the name of some socmed-themed fun, a post on creativity with a great vid from IDEO, and finding this from StanChart on youtube.

What’s tomorrow? Day of ideas probably. Mostly about how to pass my exam on Monday…

Day 14: Have been looking at some other entries and talking to other people today. Really impressed by the entrant running a Pepsi-like strategy and the others who have been connecting. You learn something new from everyone – there’s lots of different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. Love it!

I had a great chat with another entrant who also had problems with the whole ‘please RT me’ thing…as we agreed, it’s not something you would do in business so it feels very strange a bit inappropriate to do it personally. So I’ve been focussing on some quiet SEO instead.

I will be very interested to see who makes the top 20 – there’s lots of amazing candidates so it will be tough for whoever has to pick the top 10! Good luck to all of the candidates!


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