the grass is greener on the internet


Katherine Liew::

In 2010 I was crowned the ‘World’s Coolest Intern’, taking up a position as a Social Media Analyst in Standard Chartered’s mobile and online banking division.

Don’t let the title fool you – I’m interested in branding strategy, new technology, design, CSR, current affairs, and innovation. I an ex-Aussie now in Singapore, but have also lived in the Czech Republic and Scotland.

Whilst serving out my university degree, I was an independent business development and marketing consultant working with health, communications and NFP.

I previously ran Brandcurve, an AdAge Power 150 blog. I also occasionally contribute to Evolving Choices, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) blog making CSR fun.

You’ll find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

the grass is greener on the internet::

For me, there’s two meanings to the title of this blog. The first is a comment on the push for businesses to ‘go digital’ to solve all of their problems. The second is that this blog and my interest in the web originated from my own attempts to get to greener pastures.

There only one rule on this blog:: challenge me. If there’s something you don’t agree with on this blog, make an argument against it. I’m writing to learn, not to be popular.

Mostly I blather on about whatever topic of the day amuses or inspires me. I have been doing so since 2008, so don’t judge me on my journey.

The views on this blog will only ever be of my own, and do not represent those of anyone I work for or with.

The only promise I’ll make is that you will always find something a bit different.

Last time I checked I was 76th on Julian Cole’s

Have fun.

My RSS feed is here, or you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

Influences & Inspirations::

Ogilvy. Eating the Big Fish. Godin. W+K. Olins. AIESEC. Coupland. Arden. McKinsey. Ignore Everybody. Brogan. Atwood. Zag. Gladwell. De Botton. TED. You.

Watch this space.


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Hey Katherine,

Just stumbled across your blog then, looking forward to reading more. : )

Comment by Julian Cole

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Hello Katherine,
Just stopped by to say that I loved your blog!
We all want to be better, so far you are doing GREAT!
Greetings from Prague!

Comment by Alice Neves

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Comment by melony

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Love your work Katherine!! ❤ x

Comment by Candice Hooley

Have you ever given permission for your work to be used in any marketing textbooks? I am teaching a global marketing course and I came across your blog post on international market segmentation. There is an entire section of our textbook paraphrased from your blog post. From what I can tell, your post predates the textbook by about seven years.

Comment by Tom Kook

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