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What I’ve loved about the World’s Coolest Intern competition is the opportunity to meet loads of new people. Apart from other applicants, I’ve gotten talking to more people in the industry from across the globe.

The Breeze team has asked us to get our networks to say good things about us on Twitter.

But I think it’s more powerful to show you the comments of the people I didn’t know – who reached out without me asking them to – who told me what they thought based purely on my content…
Yi – marketing freelancer in Taiwan, friend of a friend:

Shivya – a Singaporean social media blogger:

Keith – partner for the competition:

Sue – owner of an executive recruitment firm: “Love what you’re saying – If you are coming to the states at all, please contact me. You’re very marketable in the ad/digital world.”

Y – entrepreneur, friend of a friend of a friend:

Elynn – former Standard Chartered employee: “You go girl!! …I think you’ve set the benchmark for the competition.”
Here’s some of the support from the people I do know…
…or some of it

@nwynn: but what will happen to me next exam period when you win #worldscoolestintern ?

Eunice also mentioned me in the World’s Coolest Intern feature on the Edelman Australia blog (we know each other through an event she contacted me to cover).
And when I asked them why I should be the World’s Coolest Intern?

Then we get to the blogs…
University of Adelaide official blog

My Several Worlds (lifestyle and culture in Asia)

Servant of Chaos

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me with their tweets, posts, likes and shares – and a further thanks to the people who have been supportive along the way like @malchia, @yiiee, @nwynn, @beckiiness, @AnthonyColes, @RubinaCarlson,@pierremourier, @Prakky, @LeeHopkins, @nikugiri, @mmzzyeahh, @audreyooi, @spinzer, @CakeFace_Blog and more! It’s also been an honour and a pleasure to meet the other applicants at every stage of the competition, and I already know we’re going to stay in touch – I look forward to seeing where you all end up in the future!


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