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Applying the Four Ps to social media strategy
November 3, 2010, 3:00 pm
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Marketers are always trying to come up with new models – and I know, there are better models that apply when creating social media strategy.

But here’s a thought on applying the old ones…

Product = Content

Far be it for me to say that content is king, but at the end of the day your content is the product that your customers get by signing up to you or engaging with you. You might take a luxury approach with the best content in the market. Or maybe a mass-market strategy, or a niche. Whatever it is, it will affect…

Promotion = Relationships

Like traditional marketing, this is usually what people think of first in social media marketing. Like traditional marketing, you can do a lot with amazing promotion – the Apples of this world, for examplebut too much of it can kill a strategy. We’ve all seen the ‘please RT me please share me please like me’ promotion. That might work for you, but promotion really includes building relationships, getting to know people and (to use the buzzword) engaging.

Price = Inconvenience

Other attempts to apply the traditional model usually fall down at price. But I propose that the price paid is the inconvenience of reaching content. Do I have to navigate your entire site to find it? Are there lots of flashing ads? Is there just a huge block of text? [Ed note: Oops.] That’s the price.

Placement = Platforms

Some platforms are better than others. Don’t write it as a blog if it should be a website. Don’t write it as a website if it should be video. Are you targeting Google when your target market is on Yahoo?

That’s my 2c…what do you think?


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