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World’s Coolest Intern
October 19, 2010, 1:47 pm
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The ‘Greatest Job in the World’ competition inspired dozens of similar competitions around the globe. And who are we to complain if there are suddenly a lot of cool jobs on offer involving lots of money and deserted islands?

There are two which have caught my eye recently; Westfield Insider (Australia) and World’s Coolest Intern (Standard Chartered, Singapore).

Both involve social media, but approach it in different ways…

The Westfield Insider (get paid to shop!) asks fashionistas to prove their fashion know-how, then expects them to blog/tweet/facebook for a year about their shopping journeys.

The World’s Coolest Intern (get paid to tweet!) asks SM addicts to show their social prowess and tell a story about why they should win.

In terms of execution, I think one wins over the other.

Even though fashion sense is important for the Westfield Insider, the strategy (that $150,000 is riding on) depends on a person who already has contacts, a great sense of how to promote online without spamming and a dedication to the ongoing growth of the blog – these are qualities you can’t tell from a process. I feel that they should have targeted existing fashion bloggers, as there’s some amazing Australian blogs which have already established themselves.

The Standard Chartered competition gets entrants to do what they would be doing on the job, so they can see how well they would do. The brief is to talk about yourself on social media, but it’ll be interesting to see who walks the talk.

Overall I think the World’s Coolest Intern has been done better – both are getting the positive ‘buzz’ generated by such a competition but one will be more effective in the long run.

The team video also brings an unusual level of honesty to the table, getting them to comment on their favourite things, the worst things they’ve done and (strangely) who they would save; wife or daughter? The lion creeping up on the side as Aaron tries to think of why he would want to be a lion cracked me up more than I’d like to admit.

So I’m entering the World’s Coolest Intern – check my entry out here! And if you want to see how I’m doing it, friend my Facebook entry.


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Hey Katherine,

I saw your entry about applying the job too! Great one and yea, wish us both good luck!

Take care there!!!


Comment by JC

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