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July 21, 2010, 9:48 pm
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It’s the quiet ones you want to watch.

There’s been commentary on the recent social media development spend by Unilever, the trials by P&G and the move to umbrella brands by both. But what about other FMCG companies?

Reckitt Benckiser has actually been doing much more on the social media front. I previously reported on their Clearasil site, which aimed to be a forum for young people to discuss issues relevant to them.  Almost more importantly, within a week I had a response to my post (even though I wasn’t particularly nice).

But I’m loving their new recruitment Facebook app – poweRBrand.

It’s a virtual office game billed to help players improve their sales and marketing skills.

Players are sent tasks through an ‘inbox’ then must decide how much time to spend on specified activities using sliding bars. Some of these pop up through ‘phone calls’ where you have to make a decision under pressure. More pop up each day, like the real world.

uh oh. Tick tock tick tock...

Phew. After wasting 10s on a screenshot...success! Now hire me please.

After completing tasks players get money to deck out their office (including alll RB products), promotions or even relocations.

It’s a really interesting concept which I think will be great for recruitment (although maybe it tries a little too hard to persuade that there’s good life/balance –  I wasn’t sure about one ‘ideal’ answer which says that to raise funds for a cause the effort spent on cleaning your office and waxing your body with VEET (I wonder who owns that brand) (what if you’re a guy??) combined should be more than running a marathon (I assume this is a fund-raising marathon) and asking agencies for help combined).

You can of course invite ‘colleagues’ who become your team members. I think that more team members increases the number of experience points you get per task.

Check it out, it’s actually kinda fun…best interactive facebook app I’ve seen so far!


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Thanks for your feedback and comments on the game Katherine. Much appreciated.
RB has been working on a series of initiatives to reach out to talented students and people early on in their careers. The aim is to show them how RB operates, demonstrate the global nature of the operation, and underline the RB culture and how it differs from most other fmcg companies.
RB wants to push the boundaries and find innovative, effective ways to communicate – and the game was the logical ‘next step’ in building a strong online presence and totally in keeping with a commitment to continue innovation.

Comment by Tara@RB

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