the grass is greener on the internet

the grass is greener on the internet
July 5, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Hello new title, goodbye SEO.

I’ve been wanting to change the title of this blog for a long time but nothing has seemed to fit.

So welcome to ‘the grass is greener on the internet’.

It’s just as unwieldy but reflects the changes going on both on this blog and the media – when the world’s two largest FMCG conglomerates are announcing huge investments with social media, you know that everyone’s making the move.

It’s also a comment on the huge herd movement that internet is amazing and wonderful and everyone should be on it. All the cool kids are hanging out on the internet.

The grass definitely looks greener. Is it really? Well, I hope you’ll stick around and find out.

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Hi Katherine… on this subject, I recently found out that even GE finance have a robust social media strategy… made me wonder how they are going to apply it. Personally, I think it when phenomena like social media become fads among the heavy weight corporates, that it all starts to become silly, and the early adopters will be looking for another meme to occupy, not necessarily less ‘social’ but more than likely less predictable. – I think I know roughly where that will be. [lobs pin-pong ball in your direction]

Comment by Simon Edhouse

Will it be a fad…or a long-lasting development? Things move so fast these days that we have plenty of fads, true, but does the investment by the heavyweights indicate that social media goes beyond that?

Comment by K

I doubt it Katherine… I think its the me too’s… I can just imagine the board room conversation. “Hmmm, Johnson, do we have anyone doing social media for us?”… “Um, no Mr. Chairman.” – Then get someone on it!” The litmus test would be in asking them to define it. In fact in this instance I did enquire as to what they were doing, and it (apparently) simply amounted to monitoring social media buzz and chatter to spot any damaging references to the firm. To me that is not a social media strategy, that’s just kind of like mass eavesdropping.

Comment by Simon Edhouse

True true…but then again the same could be said of marketing in general! It just happens to have been around for longer…

Comment by K

That’s strange coming from you! I thought you had a healthy respect for marketing… but then there’s ‘marketing’ and ‘marketing’… I prefer ‘marketing’.

Comment by Simon Edhouse

OK that was late night facetiousness… what I meant was that the term ‘marketing’ is an inadequate parent category for all the variations possible in this field. i.e. some folks think ‘marketing’ is what you do after a product is developed, others realise that ‘marketers’ should be intimately involved in product development. In terms of the “herd movement” to the internet that you mentioned, that clearly happened a long time ago, perhaps you are referring to the rise in participation in what the Chinese refer to as SNS’s (social networking services). yes that’s been a major movement. and as you say the big FMCG’s and the likes of GE etc are wanting to put their heads in the trough, and participate. Some Corporates and their ‘marketers’ refer to this as “earned media” as opposed to ‘social media’ but the concept of ‘earned media’ gives me the creeps as its really just a euphemism for what used to be called ‘payola’ in the record and radio industry. i.e. buying exposure, like so many digital trojan horses.

Comment by Simon Edhouse

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