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It’s not the numbers, it’s the way you use it
June 30, 2010, 2:45 pm
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I have been discussing blog stats (and my supposed addiction to them) with several people lately and it re-affirmed the realisation that numbers can’t tell you everything.

Not that they believed me, but by monitoring my stats real-time I can get a better idea of how people are finding the site, what they look at, and how long they spend (something WordPress doesn’t do automatically). Having that information allows me to figure out what promo strategies are working, what content is the most popular and whether my navigation is clear enough.

The numbers are useful, but I need to place them in context.

A few people tried to argue – all you need is the numbers, they tell you everything, we have so many tools these days. I’m still not entirely convinced though.

You know, I just realised that my blog has a pretty comparable Alexa ranking to another young marketing blogger. The difference? He’s been able to use it to land a job, and I haven’t. (Okay, he lives in Melbourne where people actually do this blogging thing, but still.)

That means similar hit rates, except his are from a network of followers where mine perhaps aren’t.

It was just a thought.

On that note, I’m looking for ad agencies or marketing teams in Adelaide who are open-minded enough to take on an intern. I come with a laptop, loads of enthusiasm and the ability to wade through loads of stats and make sense of them.


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Devoted a whole post to my blog-stats addiction. The next day I went looking for my ‘blog stats’ and couldn’t find it. I’m convinced WordPress played a joke on me and hid it lower down where I couldn’t find it (ok – for about 10 long seconds). I like your take on this question. What tool did you use to take a look at this data?

Comment by onmywaytomentalhealth

Haha yes I wondered where my stats had gone too! I mainly use to check rankings.

Comment by K

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