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Search engine response 3#
April 2, 2010, 10:55 am
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Someone either has a really easy course, or their heart’s really not into their job applications, because one of my latest keywords was “why i want to work for louis vuitton essay”.

Seriously, who needs to Google to write an essay like that? (Unless you’re a recruiter trawling for young hopefuls, in which case pardonnez-moi.)

Okay, apart from the fact that LVMH is one of the biggest luxury conglomerates attracting hundreds of fashion-obsessed applicants a year, how about this, marketing grads:

  • opportunities for internal transfer to get experience in dealing with the unique challenges of high end liquor, fashion and accessories;
  • for the brand Louis Vuitton, getting an internal perspective of mass premium strategies – it seems like everybody has Louis (or fake Louis) but they’re still grabbing for more;
  • real responsibility and challenges – LVMH centralises its marketing function, so you’re not going to be submitting things for head office’s approval, you ARE in head office;
  • centralisation also means good training and getting to deal with a variety of markets;
  • once you’ve worked with LVMH you have a much better chance of a career in luxury;
  • did I mention the internal sales where 10% is the price tag, not the discount?

I mean, that’s just off the top of my head. (No, I am not and have never been paid by LVMH, for anything. Mostly the other way around. But if they want to recompense/hire me they are welcome.)

For anyone who wants a career in the mysterious luxury category, I hear LVMH is a very good starting point (if you can get in). But if you don’t really know why you want to work for them it’s a bit of a pointless exercise, no?


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