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Unremarkable is best
March 3, 2010, 6:25 pm
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…starting to think that perhaps the very best brands are not those that we love and talk about, but those we choose without even thinking about it.

They sneak into our lives and language subtly but assertively. Gillette and razors. iPod mp3 players. 3M Post-its and multi-coloured stationery of perfectly balanced stickiness.

If buyers are making a conscious decision and weighing it up, you have a tough fight for their affections.

When the product category becomes epynonymous with your product, you’ve won.


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Interesting…I am inclined to agree, but then if that’s true most of the world’s “prestigious” brands, those we look at but seldom own, lose their meanings…they become more like symbols.

Comment by Isao

Isao, maybe. But maybe your Ferrari, your Porsche, the brands that everybody knows, the brands the people who know nothing about cars want become the 3M and the iPhone. Morgan, Paigani, and Stryker are the brands no one has heard of competing for the same customers, ones making concious decisions. Maybe Ferrari is to supercars as Gillette is to razors? Rolex is to watches. Hugo Boss is to suits. On a limitless budget and with no information other than what you already know, maybe these are the ones you’d buy…

Comment by Adam

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