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Where fast fashion meets fundraising
December 9, 2009, 4:17 am
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Topshop’s ‘Dress Me Up’ initiative started yesterday – where clothing donated by celebrities and designers is up for hire for a night each.

I think it’s a great idea – the celebrity/label-obsessed pay a relatively small sum to wear one-offs and feel special, but are required to make three visits to Topshop in the meantime (one to try, one to collect, and one to return).

It almost goes without saying that the pieces are all up for auction at the end, with the proceeds of the entire exercise going to charity.

What I’m curious about is whether this would have any chance of working in Australia.

Australia’s fashionistas have been begging for fast fashion chains for years – Topshop has only just opened in Sydney, and H&M, Zara and Mango are still yet to make an appearance. Australians love their celebrities and designers, but the following is less cult-like than overseas. Target’s designer collaborations, executed in similar style to collections overseas, have sparked less mass rioting around Target’s doors on release.

Would Aussies actually pay to hire celeb clothing?

A select few would, I think, but how many people could tell you what dress Naomi Watts wore to the last awards show? (Errm…) The success of the campaign relies not just on the mindset of the customers, but how they will be perceived by everyone else for having the clothing.

I’m pretty sure it will be successful in London though, and if the buzz on fashion blogs is anything to go by there will be a select few fashionistas walking around with a huge smile on their face for the next couple of weeks!


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