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December 6, 2009, 4:31 am
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As some may know, I’ve flown out to Edinburgh on another one of my crazy stints, this time determined to improve my French and read some of those Booker Prize winners I’ve been telling myself to read.

So, in explanation for why I haven’t been blogging much – blame exams, jetlag and a sense of wonder at why such a picturesque city gets so little of its share of sunlight to admire it in.

Finding it an interesting place from a communications kind of view. There’s a pervading quirky sense of humour, coupled with a very direct method of communicating. This city tells it like it is, but in an amusing kind of way. It’s my kind of city.

I promise to atone for my non-blogging sins, but first I’m told I have to get into the phenomenon known as The X Factor. This may or may not include a comparison of the evolution of supermarkets, discussions on the fall of the advertising industry and whether or not the ad business is good for your career, and…sandwiches.


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read the god of small things.. i’ve almost finished reading it and really enjoying the book.. although some of the chapters drag on for a bit.

Comment by nikugiri

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