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Less is more, for outdoor?
October 10, 2009, 4:16 pm
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Ads have become an expected part of our lives. We just expect them to yell ‘buy me!’ at us, so we’ve learned to ignore them unless they’re really interesting or something we’re looking for. (Or bored.)

So ad agencies crank it up all the time; it’s got to be more inventive, more sparkly, more entertaining, and of course artsy enough to win some awards.

But it’s interesting to see when they decide to go the other way. Like this bus stop ad:


Part of me wants to say, “You spent heaps of money buying all that space, and you’re not even using it??”

But I think in this case, ‘less is more’ rings true. Seeing these ads had me curious for weeks. In what I think of as the Apple syndrome, simplicity and sans serif is now a differentiator. It’s more effective for the ad-wearied because it’s less like a pushy salesman in paper form.

Only I would have to repeat that classic client line: make the logo bigger!

I didn’t know what the ad was for until I found I’d been invited to the event on Facebook. Fail.

Hope for their sake that it works, our casino is the only one in the nation to be losing money. I do like their current TVC, though I can’t see it appealing to anyone I know who currently hangs out at the casino (which I guess would be the point).


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