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Heard it through the viNe
October 4, 2009, 3:38 pm
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Discovered Nokia’s viNe service the other day and it’s tripping me out.

Even if we’ve gone on in our lives to flatter and shinier things, I think my generation will always have a bit of a soft spot for Nokia because their basic phones were pretty much THE thing to have as your first phone back in the day.

We’ve also seen huge developments in the internet and mobile technology. So when I saw this on Nokia’s website:

…I just had to click.

Here’s the official vid:

This is taking blogging and sharing your life to the next level (and almost asking to be stalked, really).

My question is…do people really want that?

Already there’s a facebook backlash where people are discovering that having your entire life accessible on the internet can cause big problems. Social norms are still trying to catch up to the new political dramas of what you can write on other people’s walls, not to mention a tale of group membership being used for a character reference in court.

Nike did have some success with GPS-assisted trackers when they collaborated with Apple, but at least there it was for a purpose – helping the niche market of hardcore runners to track their personal progress or participate in races.

However, viNe seems to be aimed at the masses (as much as the number of people who can afford the N series can be called the masses).

What purpose does it achieve for them? Sharing their life?

viNe is a little more like being electronically stalked.

I can only think of a few uses…

a) You’re on holiday.

b) You want to be stalked.

c) You’re really, really bored.

None of these occurs every day (maybe with the exception of b) which means very few people will get into the habit of using it – which is why nearly a year after it was announced it seems to have joined the rapidly growing pile of internet junk.

It disappoints me because I do have that soft spot for Nokia and it’s a cool concept, but I can’t see a lot of benefit – for consumers or the company.


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