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The new philanthropinionist
September 21, 2009, 10:22 pm
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Would you give your opinion so that somebody else can get money?

I wish I DID have a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone complain that incentivised market research isn’t reliable (especially when it involves uni students and beer). Giving gifts for opinions can end up being an expensive business, but  market researchers fronting up without some kind of bribe can find themselves going home with no answers at all.

Enter Pause to Support a Cause.

They want to redirect market research funds to charities, so that you can feel like you’ve done something good without spending anything at all.

The idea is that it gives a more reliable incentive to participate in surveys, appeals to a demographic which does not usually get involved, and just as a side benefit, I swear, it’s cheaper for researchers too.

I have to admit that their website annoys me though. It feels…unedited. (I know this feeling because I’m struggling with my own website copy at the moment.) As a source of information it’s wordy, full of jargon and doesn’t have just one page where I can get a quick feel for what on earth is going on. Title unrelated to URL? Cross. Calling consumers consumers to their face? Cross. Beta doesn’t excuse you either.

Despite the annoyance, I’m intrigued. As a uni student you can practically make a living by taking surveys, writing down anything you feel like at the time, then waiting for the free stuff to roll in. We’ll also happily click links repeatedly to feed the starving African children. So, will philanthropinions work?

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