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Demo Cracy
September 14, 2009, 4:03 pm
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It’s that time of year again; student elections.

In case you missed the great expose by SBS in their Gen Y series last year, student politics is dirty. It probably always has been, except that these days the rules are heavier, the subterfuge has gone online and one can comfortably earn a living off one’s efforts instead of just power.

Call me jaded, if you will.

Simply put, student politics has all the factions and tactics of national politics, minus the accountability mechanisms.

This is not helped by the short terms of representatives. Their actions over the course of a year can make or break the student experience but rarely come back to haunt the people responsible. So much opportunity to do good – or to screw it up then get away with it.

For example, a director in one student organisation currently claims in their campaign for another organisation that they increased sponsorship by 150%. Impressive?

Well, the sponsorship of $4,000 in question came from a prominent professional firm. The firm was under the impression that this would be used for educational activities, and so were not overjoyed to learn that they were shouting an entire student body free drinks at one of the city’s more expensive cocktail bars. Would have been great for the students…if anyone apart from this director’s friends had been allowed access to the tab.

They did not deliver for either sponsors or members – and they could end up doing it again.

It gets me every time.

Now you’re wondering…how is she going to relate this back to marketing?

Well, things like this make me question…what if I do end up in a position where I have to sell something that I do not agree with?

What would you do?


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