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Why is everyone looking left?
August 23, 2009, 10:23 pm
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The hyena just about says it all

Here’s my biggest marketing LOL since I saw the direct mail invite for marketing week (a leave pass from active duty? why thank you) – except that this is in a good way.

It's better than a mirror.

The new Samsung cameras have two major developments, as far as can  tell; you take a picture by tapping the LCD, and there’s now TWO LCDs…one on the back and one on the front.

Digital cameras have clearly developed from film cameras – it’s obvious from the form and settings. (Uh, exposure? Oops, I didn’t wind up my SD card before I took it out.) So it’s good to see manufacturers starting to step out of the norms and develop the digital camera as technology in its own right. Not sure that this is the most ergonomic or whether an over-enthusiastic tap will ruin the shot, but it’s definitely cooler. (Exhibit 1: iPhone.)

As someone who has been guilty of ‘camerawhoring’ at parties on more than one occasion, I can definitely see a market for being able to see yourself before you take the photo (although it does take the fun out of everyone crowding around afterwards to see how bad the photo was). It also suffers the webcam issue that you can’t look at the image without looking slightly off in the photo. Still, it sorts out problems like ‘OMG you didn’t get my gangsta sign in the frame!’**

There’s one big trip-up which I think could compromise what otherwise looks like a promising camera.

…the name.

iMac, iPhone, iPod…they all roll off the tongue. As I’ve pointed out before, Samsung doesn’t do so well with names. So while this camera will be quite recognisable in-store, I’m not sure I’ll be telling friends “you’ve GOT to get the Samsung ST550/ST500 tap and take!” anytime soon.

**true story.


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