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iPhone: got yours? Which one is it?
July 23, 2009, 4:47 pm
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In the top ten of ‘times I have felt very Asian’ would have to be when I pointed out to a friend that her brand new iPhone did not have the appropriate infrastructure to support dangly things**.

Not a great omission, you’d think.

That is, until everyone at the table gets their iPhone out, compares them, and then can’t figure out which is which.

Now iPhones come in four colours; Blackest Black, Whitest White, Covered and Heavily Smudged. Three out of those four don’t look very good (which is half the point of having an iPhone). This means that there is a proliferation of black iPhones with very little external recognisability.

How about an app that tells you which one's yours? It could scan the fingerprint smudges...

How about an app that tells you which one's yours? It could scan the fingerprint smudges...

For a company driven by good design, this should have come up as a potential problem. Currently about a third of my friends either already have an iPhone or are about to buy one. Not to mention the iTouch, which is essentially the iPhone except not a phone.

Macbooks are not much easier to recognise, unless one defaces that clean surface with stickers.

So far the only Mac product with any sort of external self-expression is the iPod Nano. Notably the addition of colour has not reduced the iconic status of the device.

True, the simplicity of Apple products has been touted as allowing them to be for anyone as ‘they can be whatever you want them to be’. But the practical issue remains.

So for the next iPhone, please Apple…we don’t care about copy/paste, turn that design genius to identification!

**As this post’s token irony, the iPhone doesn’t support Asian language input either.


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Very good point there. I also think Apple’s next iPhone should get a new look as well. The same old design will eventually get old, and people will soon grow tired of the same old design over and over again.

Comment by Philip

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