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Search engine response 1#
July 9, 2009, 4:35 pm
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I like to help people. Generally speaking.

So I note that some search engine cleverly delivered someone to this blog four times with the phrase:

“can you patent brand image”

I find this slightly confusing as I’m reasonably sure that I’ve never discussed patents on this blog. However, in response:

No, you can’t.

Patents are used to protect inventions, ie. product design. FYI, they usually need to take an ‘inventive step’ to solve a problem. ‘Inventive step’ means ‘not obvious’. (read: at discretion of the judge) Once you’ve patented an invention you can take claims against people trying to register similar ideas.

What you probably want is a trademark.

This allows you to protect phrases, made-up words, images…basically all of your branding. Other people can register similar trademarks, as long as it won’t be deceptive.

Assuming you find me again, hope that helps. Of course, this is ridiculously simplified and you should look for your country’s IP authority website at the very least.

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Good IP knowledge there haha.

Comment by croissantandbagel

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