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If you seek AMI
June 25, 2009, 7:57 pm
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Let’s do a little word association. Just let the first responses flow.


DM –

World War I –

If you’re anything like me** your responses might be something along the lines of; ‘do you want longer lasting SEX?’, ‘direct message on Twitter’ and ‘the last scene from Gallipoli’.

Hence my confusion that AMI sent me a DM with a World War I theme.


So I opened it:

AMI letter

What they want you to see:

The heroic charge in a last-ditch battle. The potential for miraculous recovery against the odds. The triumph of those who give it all they’ve got. The Aussie battler winning out with that true-blue digger spirit. A letter to spark intrigue.

What I see:

A letter which isn’t addressed to me. Details of events I am not historically knowledgeable enough to recognise. Amazingly good handwriting. Blah blah blah. What?

What would Ogilvy say?

Where is the call to action? What kind of direct response marketer are you? I don’t even know what this is for. Change that copy now. *sounds of a red pen scratching violently*

I can accept that they still like direct mailers. I can accept that the metaphor is, on deeper contemplation, potentially inspiring for marketers in the current economic climate.

But I just can’t accept that this is the best direct mail AMI can do. If I hadn’t known about the theme of their conference (yes, it’s for a conference) already I would have been completely confused. Not every recipient is going to be a curious uni student like me with the time and inclination to write a 500 word rant discourse on the subject.

Why did they do this to themselves??

A small indication of why they chose this medium might be found in the fact that they are sponsored by AusPOST, which has been trying to push the direct mailer revival. So much so that they’ve just introduced this new form; a piece of paper that folds in half and sticks to itself, whilst remaining easy to peel but not sticky to the touch. It’s like a post-it note, but 30 years later.

This particular sample has also been sent around to businesses as an example of the new product, as I found out from the marketing manager for an international retail chain…once I’d jogged his memory by blathering on about it for several minutes.

I am guessing that this mailer was done either heavily discounted or free. The AMI may think there’s no costs…but they just spent their credibility.

I am saddened to add that it was an AMI rep that asked me, on seeing my business card, whether I work for WordPress…

I want to like you AMI, I really do. But sometimes I have difficulties taking you seriously as a professional body and I know I’m not the only one.

**Hopefully for you this is not the case, but for argumentative purposes I request that you degrade yourself a little.

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I particularly like the fine print:
“Marketing Week respects the memory of those Australian Men and Women who have paid the supreme sacrifice during times of war.”

Comment by Adam

I’m not sure which is better; the rampant cliches or the random capitalisation.

Though I’m not sure how you pay a sacrifice.

Hope you enjoyed your cameo 😉

Comment by katherineliew

I like that they obviously thought they were being disrespectful, and that this is how they covered their bases.

And thanks, I feel like a rockstar 😉

Comment by Adam

[…] hadn’t realised that the Army Reserves were involved, which explains the cavalier invitation design. The idea that marketers are leading the charge to economic recovery like Australian soldiers in […]

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