the grass is greener on the internet

June 20, 2009, 8:57 am
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I used to think that the worst reflection you ever have to see of yourself is the morning after a big night, usually in the 5 minutes between guilting yourself into getting up and pressing Ctrl+Z on your 90 degree rotation.

But I might just change my mind. No, the worst reflection of who you comes from those ads that come up on the side of the page which are targeted to the content you’re viewing (your own Facebook page, for example), your surfing habits, and any other information on you they can dredge from cyberspace. Those ads, according to a script, are a reflection of who you are online.

I’m still working out what I did to deserve ‘diabetes in your family?’ followed by ‘when will you kick the bucket?’ and ‘how to lose cellulite in 30 days’. The sober light of the computer screen is not very friendly…


In pre-exam panic, I appear to have completely relinquished my capacity for critical commentary. Though apparently not my ability to alliterate.

Small mercies.

Speaking of small mercies, those chained to the office lifestyle should check out ‘Dead Under Fluorescent Lights’; I’ll give you a head start on my favourite post.

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