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SuperModelMe: Beware of the Beta!
June 16, 2009, 10:55 pm
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So as reported earlier, this crazy new concept debuted today. The verdict so far…

  1. Login problems; uh oh! Had to sign up a second time to get access, I think anyone who registered before a certain time couldn’t get in. Big turnoff. Also couldn’t seem to load the first episode on the home page – either that or it wasn’t there. Okay, you’re in Beta, but so is Gmail…if you’re launched you should be fully functional.
  2. Having said that, content so far is decent.
    Singaporean productions and reality TV are not my usual viewing, but this was slick and sure to appeal to the target. Was expecting more introduction of the contestants given the personality-based marketing, but the website profiles have done a pretty good job.
    Finished the episode wanting to see the next one – it’s not Gossip Girl dying-for-the-next-one but they do leave you in suspense.
    There’s also a slew of other videos which should keep even facebook stalker types occupied for a while.
  3. On to the big kicker; is the Hyperspot technology as good as they say it is?
    This is pretty nifty stuff. You click and one second later the person or item appears in the right pane as an icon you can click on later.
    The problem is, fashion footage usually involves a lot of movement; zooming, panning, and of course models strutting their stuff. I’m not sure if the camera crew were briefed on the technology, because trying to click on a 2 second shot of Louboutins on a moving pair of feet required more mouse technique than a duck shooter game.
    The clicking works well for people, but more gratuitous product shot would be required to really make use of the technology.

Overall: iron out some smaller problems and there’s real potential.

And is it a success so far?

The Facebook group has hit 1500, the views on the first episode as at the time of posting are about 80. Not huge numbers, but keeping in mind that it’s the first few hours of release and this genre tends to pick up viewers closer to the finish it’s not a bad start.

Agree with me? Disagree with me? Check it out and let me know!


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