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Super Models or Social Media
June 8, 2009, 7:18 pm
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…or both?


Look carefully, boys. These girls don’t just want to be the next supermodels, they’re also your next ‘social media experts’.

When I received an invite to the launch party for SUPERMODELME I was about to dismiss it as another Singaporean fashion event I couldn’t go to, but it turns out this is no ordinary reality TV show.

Sure, it’s another cliche concept; put 10 hot girls together in a house with the shared dream of being a supermodel and watch the inevitable catfights and gratuitous fashion shoots. But here’s what’s different…

For one thing, it’s not on TV. The show will air online twice a week (starting June 16), with a constant interactive platform for viewers to talk to contestants and each other. Each of the models already has a Youtube video and a Twitter account, with rumours that the girls will be compared on how many followers they can attract. I think my vote goes with @fiona_smm – she seems to be ruling Twitter tactics so far.

++ no fights with broadcasting producers or competing for prime spots

++ the best models need to be good at interacting with people and doing promotions

** just waiting for them to figure out twitpic and photoblogging…

The much-hyped development is the use of ‘Hyperspot’, which will allow viewers to click on the videos to find out everything from who did the models’ hair to the price of their shoes.

+- another nail in the coffin for TV advertising?

++ extra value for advertisers in finding out the products with the most clicks as well as resulting sales (it’s like having pay per view AND pay per click!)

Of course, another bonus is that an online show is accessible to everyone, and with contestants coming from across the world it looks like they’re hoping to pick up a global audience. The winner is touted to become Asia’s ‘next hottest face’ and with Singapore being a popular testing ground for models it wouldn’t be surprising to see them go beyond that.

It also goes without saying that they’re on Facebook and Twitter.

Combine this withVIP access levels on their website and exclusive parties (which will most likely be covered online shortly after) and you have a very luxe, slick social media model.

Then again, this isn’t the first super-concept by Refinery Media‘s Karen Seah…another of her brainchilds (brainchildren??) supperclub ‘Trybe’ at Mimolette uses Facebook groups to determine their guestlist. The catch? It’s secret, and you can only get an invite once you have friended their doorbitch account.

++ why refuse people at the door when you can check out their fb profile first?

SUPERMODELME might just fill the hole in my procrastination left by the Gossip Girl break.

— hello failing exams…


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Sounds very interesting. Glad you’ll be covering it for us instead of studying 😉

Comment by Gavin Heaton

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