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First among equals

There occasionally comes a day when you have too many things to say to make a coherent blog post…

So here’s news, ironic commentary and observations from the last week.

Looking forward to doing my uni readings for this week – the handouts include a lovely summary courtesy of Wikipedia. Saves on licensing costs. Although the academic indecency doesn’t stop there – a sample project that gained high marks references an essay from the critically reviewed ‘‘.

I LOVE university.

Christian Lacroix has been the first fashion house of cards to fall, declaring insolvency. When you’re not a super-haute house with waiting lists filled with bourgeosie (like Hermes), releasing a movie (a la Chanel) or distributing luxury to the masses (Louis Vuitton) a recession is dangerous ground.

Lacroix is one of the youngest of the haute couture houses, but has gained a lot of fame for its costume designing. Problem is, high art is not always profitable. Personally, I think the brand has a disjointed identity – haute couture and collaborations with Avon? Hmmm…

The producers of Million Dollar Traders are one of the few who actually benefited from the bear market. When they put 8 ‘normal’ people into a hedge fund environment and gave them money to invest they couldn’t have known that a few weeks in the markets would crash. What started off as a kinda interesting concept is now a fascinating story of novice traders learning in a crisis. Tip 1: Don’t say ‘buy’ when you mean ‘sell’…

It’s a BBC production but you can catch it on SBS this Tuesday.

So far the only likely suspect not to have taken advantage of the recent ‘stimulation package’ innuendo is AMI’s ad agency.

Further to my post about video as a storytelling medium for NGOs, have stumbled on Lights. Camera. Help.

The annual film festival is giving NGOs an opportunity to submit videos telling their story, with recognition for the best films and most worthy causes. Check it.

Enfin, is it just me or is the new Green Day album cover strangely reminiscent of My Chemical Romance circa 2003?


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