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Marketing v The Law
May 25, 2009, 12:41 pm
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I realise I’m a bit young to be doing the whole ‘if I had my time all over again’ thing, but if I had to advise high schoolers on picking uni preferences… I’d have a lot to say.

One of those things is, be careful of anything that combines too much law and marketing.

Marketing is all about being different. Break the rules. Zag. Reinterpret. Be creative or die. Get as many influences as you can, understand as many people as you can. Get inside their heads, mess around a bit, make them want you. Et cetera.

Law is about following someone else. They said it, you follow it. Even if they clearly meant something else but screwed it up. You have to absorb every detail of a case and reconsider the true meaning of every single word. One day, if you’re really really good, Santa will come you’ll get to write a 200 page discourse restating what everyone else said then explaining why your opinion is different in the minutest way that will affect about 5 people out of 23 million.

I have realised by talking to both camps that you can be good at one or the other but rarely both.

Get lawyers to try and write ad copy and you get hit with a word brick. Products are described to a fault. There is long copy, and then there’s judgments.

Get marketers to try and write legal essays and you end up with a mess along the lines of ‘they shouldn’t be charged, it’s not in your interests’.

It’s like comparing a watercolour to a technical diagram.

It’s doing my head in.


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Hello Katherine, I agree. Lawyers write horrible copy. They are usually overly garrulous. I found your blog randomly, but I’m glad I did; I like your posts! Thanks for the interesting view.

Comment by marketintelligentsia

Thanks Therran! Hope you’ll be back!

Comment by katherineliew

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