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Why is TV advertising important in a recession? Pt 1
May 23, 2009, 12:00 pm
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“Why is television advertising important in a recession?”

If Channel Nine doesn’t know, they should start getting worried.

They’re running a competition through Emerging Marketers (the youth branch of the Australian Marketing Institute), getting students to come up with creative ideas answering that question.

I haven’t got an answer yet, but it prompted some thoughts on how difficult an industry television is…

Maybe I’m wrong but TV seems to be one product where branding is purely on evaluation of the product. You watch a channel because they’ve got your favourite program, not because they have an animated television jumping around the screen.

Sure, you might end up watching one channel more because you can’t be bothered changing or you see more of the ads for new programs and end up watching them, but there’s no conscious brand loyalty.

Reasons for watching a program:

  • you wanted to watch TV and it was the best thing on
  • you saw it in the paper and it looked interesting
  • someone else recommended it

Given that so many of our programs are imported, station choice it doesn’t even come down to production company.

I’d like to see more branding in TV, but it would be incredibly hard to pull off.

So, why is TV advertising important in a recession? Because otherwise a lot of people are going to be out of a job…


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nice post and blog…

imo, there are two (related) reasons why tv advertising is important during a recession.

firstly, it’s widely known that in times of recession consumers change their spending habits. in truth, we don’t REALLY cut back, it’s more a shifting of priorities based on needs and wants. that being said, in a recession, the places this money gets spent is typically on brands that we surround ourselves with because they feel familiar and trusted.

concurrently… personal word of mouth referrals aside, TV is STILL the single most popular and trusted channel for advertising messages. look at any media usage/influence chart, TV is still king. having a presence on TV is vital to making consumers feel like their fav brands are around, going strong, still to be trusted.

put these two points together and you have a pretty good argument backing up your point.

Comment by Age

Thanks for the comment 🙂 Two great points, but I guess the counter-argument is; TV ads are expensive, why should advertisers continue to buy TVCs when online advertising is cheaper and more targeted?

Comment by katherineliew

Hey Kats. Throught i would drop sth here 🙂 If companies want to advertise, they’ve better figure out a way of doing it right. From wht i’ve noticed, money have been thrown unnecessarily producing some adverts which are of total waste – time & effort. Most of the time, it does not relate to the product which they’re advertising. Its not about adding a whole lot of visual & animation into an ad… its abt promoting to consumers to buy their products despite the recession, and by doing tht.. it means changing their tactics & focussing more on the environmentally friendly approach & cost (which most of us consumers are looking for).. making it short, simple & straight to the point! 🙂

Comment by Joanne L

So true…ad effectiveness is even more important now! Non-strategic advertising really annoys me… (“DOORS DOORS DOORS!”)

Comment by katherineliew

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