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Advertisers are clueless about DVR implications, study says
May 2, 2009, 12:04 pm
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Reflecting on the recent IceTV decision, I put out the question: what does this mean for the ad industry?

I don’t know, and apparently…they don’t know either.

DVRs (direct video recorders) have been available for nearly a decade now, and have really started to move from the ‘trendsetter phase’ to affordability and potentially the mass market. Like the humble VCR, it allows you to record your favourite TV shows without actually being there, but with the advantage of digital. The big squish for ad execs is that some services, like IceTV, will allow viewers to skip the ads altogether.

Enter, the DVR Research Institute.

They’ve undertaken to survey advertisers (both client and agency sides) to find out their opinions on what this means for ad spend and whether they’ll shift to new strategies.

Most expect changes over the next three years, with estimates of a 10% spending cut, but generally they’re unsure how they will change their strategies…or loathe to reveal what those changes will be.

The funniest part of the study? That most agencies think they’re not fully informed but their clients are…and their clients think the opposite.

Funnily enough, the study is available for purchase now, and the institute runs consultations and strategic advice sessions.

The institute will continue releasing research results over the next few months, but here’s a few things to think about:

  • how much attention do viewers pay to TVCs at the moment? Isn’t it the unspoken toilet/snack break?
  • haven’t we already been able to record programs and fast-foward over ads? How did behaviour change then, and how are things different this time?
  • if there is a shift to in-program advertising (pop-ups, endorsements) is it going to be more effective? Ethical?
  • will it be better to advertise in less popular programs, where viewers are less likely to record?

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