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Woolworths: fuel for thought
April 12, 2009, 12:20 pm
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I must be hungry, because I’m buying into a lot of this supermarket stuff…

Overall I’ve decided the new store layouts and logo are doing well. The more recent update of the catalog has moved along similar lines. But here’s a problem for the new branding…

…how does it translate to the humble petrol station?

Here the old logo outdoes the new. It’s bold, it’s red and will be easily visible to motorists during the day or backlit at night.

Imagine, if you will, driving along the freeway wearily at night, and seeing this backlit and eerily suspended in the sky:

  1. The words will disappear.
  2. Is it even possible to keep the gradient?
  3. Is your average traveller going to know what the logo is and what it stands for?

Plus, Woolies is going to be spending a hell of a lot if they’re going to revamp every single petrol station in the country. Try keeping them clean and fresh.


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exciting new layout! with grass! (which i believe is a topic all by itself) i thought the viktor and rolf fragrance was really lovely, and if i was big enough of a viktor rolf fan, i might buy one for collecting, and another for spraying, but sadly, i’m a diehard bvlgari groupie. :/ it is really pretty packing though.

Comment by greenfrappe

I like the grass 🙂 And the new username – what prompted the change?

You should have a sniff of Flowerbomb…it’s gorgeous (although a lot stronger and more floral than Bvlgari)

Comment by katherineliew

well, kath, i’ve always been interested in green architecture, but now that i’m heavily involved in it, i am trying to compose a blog that promotes the principles. though lofty, it is a practical and ecologically responsible idea. just a matter of getting the damn blog up though! *taps nose*
i love the scent, but because i’m a really active person, i believe the scent won’t smell quite as gorgeous after alot of running around. perfect for those evening tete-a-tetes though, or a visit to the bar.
how is the last semester of school coming along for you, my dear?? 🙂

Comment by greenfrappe

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