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Flowerbomb: size doesn’t matter?
March 29, 2009, 8:53 pm
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My love affair with Viktor&Rolf marketing continues. Apart from one thing…

…but first, the background. Their perfume ‘Flowerbomb’ first caught my attention because of a friend enamoured with the product description.

Just as the gentlemen of old might romance a pretty maiden with words of love, all of V&R’s perfumes come with a description so luscious they would make any girl swoon.

So, fresh from my mailbox, a letter which rates as approximately standard:

“As a privileged guest of the Secret Service, Viktor & Rolf allow you to preview their new jewel: Petite Flowerbomb.

Explore this mini-grenade by gently removing the pin and allowing the power of Flowerbomb to release in a daunting blast. Petite Flowerbomb is a small powerful weapon that will transform your life.

Charm, seduction and success, all the powers of Flowerbomb are reunited in this mini-talisman. A thousand precious flowers to keep with you in order to celebrate life as a utopia.

And if you succumb to Petite Flowerbomb, do not forget to enter the code that you can find at the bottom of your bottle’s pack as you’ll then be subject to the exclusive attention of Viktor & Rolf.


This leads me to expect:

  • some resemblance to the original Flowerbomb bottle, but more intricate – therein lies the charm of miniatures
  • something compact
  • a continuation of the grenade concept

Something odd about the product development here…because here’s the bottle they came up with:

I find it a lot less inspiring; a departure from the original unique Flowerbomb concept to a bottle which is more…dare I say, generic.

I’m well aware of the Apple effect – a trend towards simpler, sleeker design. Perhaps in a recession they feel they will be better off with a smaller (more affordable) size which does not seem so opulent, but that could be a sacrifice of the brand…

If that’s not the aim, it makes you wonder what new ground they’re hoping to cover in the market, especially when they already have a miniature version of Flowerbomb:

So…either there’s something weird going in the product development department or the communication just isn’t making it clear what the difference is.

Viktor&Rolf, tell me why I should buy this. Make me want to splash out…


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That is so weird indeed. Actually, the original miniature grenade bottle isn’t easy to find nowadays in Holland. I am actually looking for a reasonable priced miniature of Flowerbomb for my perfume miniature collection, but no luck unfortunatelyBut i’ll keep on looking!

Comment by Esmeralda Kok

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