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Recruitment is branding too
March 18, 2009, 9:24 pm
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Here’s a few thoughts on careers fairs straight from Gen Y:

  • If you’re advertising an aspect of your business as an area of interest for your recruits – let’s say, CSR and volunteering opportunities – all of your reps should know about it. Not just HR. (If HR knows.) If your 6 month recruit has no clue, what does that say about induction processes and the integration of CSR into company culture??
  • We don’t have business cards, but if YOU don’t that’s just poor form. If we’ve been talking to you about your company, it’s nice to know that we can contact the same friendly person later.
  • Most students are just cruising for free things. Popcorn is a winner. And a good demonstration that buzz does not equal results.
  • We can smell desperation.

Generally, the people I talked to were great – and I was pushing the limits of ‘it’s as much about students testing companies as it is about companies testing students’.

A little disappointed about the lack of knowledge at times though. Evidently some ‘core values’ weren’t core values at all.

GFC was definitely hitting – a lot less free food than usual.
Best freebie: USB radio (thanks DSD! even relates to your core business).
Worst: fluoro erasers (you expect us to, like, write?), closely followed by the usual array of unidentifiable confectionery.

Government departments also appear to have multiplied. Either that or they are the only people not solely looking for accountants.


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