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Best Facebook ad I’ve seen
March 15, 2009, 11:26 am
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There’s been general lamentation on the lack of effectiveness of Facebook ads. But I have to admit this one caught my eye…


The ‘friend request’ has been built in just like a ‘people you may know’ request. Of course, it only makes sense as part of a larger campaign involving Chuck as the new Chupa Chups mascot…

Beats ‘Make $500 Daily Online’ any day.

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Great find. I must admit I am one of the few advocates of the potential of Facebook ads. I think they can be great for brands when putting the right creative approach and targeting strategy together.

It’s just a shame Facebook rolls over for paid spam!

I think it’s a great campaign too – it’s interesting how Chuppa Chups seem to be able to create waves of buzz which almost take on a viral life of its own (kind of like Yo Yo’s).


Comment by nextbrett

Cheers Brett! I have to say I’ve always been skeptical about Facebook for advertising, any favourite campaigns to help change my mind?

Comment by katherineliew

I am going take the easy way out with this answer and speak generically what i have learnt from the activity i have been involved in.

Facebook ads work when they are reinforcing a campaign (like Chuppa Chups.

When a company is spending millions on a brand campaign, i believe Facebook is a good tool to increase recall – particularly seeing responses are usually rather low CPC provides value.

Video seems yo have a higher response rate – I believe this is because of the explosion of you tube in Oz and it still has some novelty value.

I too wouldn’t mind seeing some case studies on campaigns for small business’!

Comment by nextbrett

getting more likes can really help your messge spread, i found some here

Comment by Johnetta Pressnell

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