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So Chook Me
March 3, 2009, 10:52 pm
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I still love ads.

Especially when they’re clever integrated campaignslike the latest for Ingham’s – and make no bones, it’s tough making fresh chicken sexy.

After all, it’s just not an interesting category. Rubber chickens excluded. Chicken nuggets are for kids, for generic chicken you go to KFC where they’ve chosen Ingham’s for you already anyway and in supermarkets there’s largely no branding outside of ‘free-range’ or ‘grain fed’ types.

So they’re trying to make things interesting with a new ‘service’.

Ad opening is pretty standard.

Rough translation: “Hello, we’re Ingham’s, we do chicken. In a fancy kitchen, no less. To help you believe this, we’ll throw in a woman in a suit.”

But wait, they shake it up…

Woman in a suit: “But what if you’re one of the 5% of Australians who actually don’t like chicken?”

Services for people who are disabled in this manner are offered for all manner of social situations where you might need to show your love for chicken…like fake boxes for storage in your freezer in case anyone goes snooping.

In fact, the help section on the website is just a fun way of offering screensavers, viral videos and other kitschy chicken parephenalia. Best of all is the latest news on chicken, which links to real sites and stories about chicken from across the world. Loving Rentachook and ‘Future execs seek their inner chicken‘.

It IS walking a tough line – like I said, it’s a tough category to inject some fun into. But I think the humour hits the right note. Maybe not enough to download the screensaver, but enough to get chicks like me cheeping about it.

So you can say they’re over, but I still love ads.

I might be only one of 21 Australians to do so.

So Chook Me.


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