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Help them make better ads?
February 24, 2009, 10:42 pm
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At least someone got some inspiration from last year’s cringe-worthy CBA ads. In case you’ve already erased them from your memory…

Now Doritos is using the same kind of concept, but letting us help them out.

I can’t find the TVC just yet but in CBA style, it shows a creative team pitching a potential ad which causes the client (in this case Doritos) dismay. The one I’ve seen has them proposing that Doritos get in line with other Aussie nicknames – like Johnno, Robbo, Tommo – and become ‘Dorito’.

Cue cringes.

But this time, they’re inviting the public to make a better ad. The brief is on the official website and leaves the door open for whatever ideas you have. $20,000 for the winner isn’t bad either.

Great opportunity for any budding advertising creatives out there.

It’s definitely a better execution of the concept than CBA’s – though since CBA has a better defined brand identity and is in a more traditional industry than Doritos they’re not in the position to leave the door wide open.

Probably both would beat this Singaporean M1 ad though…

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