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What’s trust got to do with it?
February 15, 2009, 8:16 pm
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For the ad/agency freaks:

Just watched the pilot episode of ‘Trust me”, the latest TV show to try and create intrigue around the advertising industry. Either it’s meant to try and compete with “Mad Men”, a which is potentially the first TV show to go viral thanks to its fans, or it’s the project of some ex-copywriters who long for the days…

If it’s meant to compete with Mad Men…it won’t.

Trust Me doesn’t bother delving into social issues…this show is all about the office dynamics and witty quips. It opens with creative partners Mason and Connor lounging around enjoying the perks of the advertising life, and closes with them saving the day on a big account. But it’s their changing relationship which is meant to get you onto the next episode, as Mason has been promoted following the death of their CD-hurling creative director.

It’s interesting watching; light and entertaining but not necessarily one to keep you up all night.

What I don’t see is where the title comes in.

It’s not a phrase that was used, doesn’t really relate much to the plot or even act as a drawcard…

To quote the show, “It needs a tagline”.


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