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Stationery Identity
January 28, 2009, 8:39 pm
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A good friend just visited – whenever we get together we swap stories of cool places to go to, and more recently business cards of places we have found that the other would like.

So far this has led to really cheap sushi, lots of bookstore cafes, vegetarian brunches and a ridiculously cool Austrian hat. We share a fascination with good design and thought-provoking books.

We also discussed the value of internal branding, which is the project he’s currently assigned to. He was quite impressed by companies like J&J that that a complete internal branding kit – complete with RGB values for company colours, regulations for logo use and templates for all forms of stationery.

His task is to create just that for his company (a consultancy focussing mostly on IT).

Internal company identity is vital – I really believe that’s where synergy comes in. But it’s ridiculously difficult to measure, which for me prompts the question…how much do the stationery, office space and objects around you contribute to your company identity?

Obviously the other people in an office really affect identity as well, but I’m sitting here in our little basement office where we have little to no branded stationery and part of the lighting is…well, faerie lights, and I’m wondering what effect that will have. (Gotta love the NGO life.)

Well, if stationery works then these companies have it made…

See more at Graphic Fetish.

More cards at 1stwebdesigner


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