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January 21, 2009, 9:44 pm
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Want some help to get a hold of this book, I’ve heard it’s a tough find in Australia (not even going to try in Prague).

It’s buy-ology

A book about neuromarketing which claims to overturn everything we know about marketing.

See if their marketing convinces you…

“To find out how our unconscious minds influence how we buy, Martin Lindstrom, one of today’s foremost marketing experts, partnered with researchers from Oxford University and launched the single largest neuro-marketing study ever conducted—25 times larger than any such study to date. In a three-year effort costing more than seven million dollars and using two of the most advanced, cutting-edge neuro-imaging technologies available today—the fMRI and SST—scientists scanned the brains of over 2,000 people from all over the world as they were exposed to various marketing and advertising strategies including product placements, subliminal messaging, iconic brand logos, health and safety warnings, and provocative product packaging.

For decades, advertisers, marketers, and consumers alike have held a set of common assumptions about what drives us to buy. Turns out, most of these were dead wrong.”

“Everything we thought about branding is about to change. In 2005, when Martin Lindstrom launched Project Buyology—the largest, most comprehensive NeuroMarketing study ever conducted—he shattered the face of marketing as we know it. NeuroMarketing has emerged as a powerful new tool in understanding consumers’ decision-making processes. This groundbreaking new science will revolutionize our understanding of our own buying behavior and send shock waves throughout the marketing and advertising industries and the business world as a whole. A subject they never taught you in school, you’re about to discover your own ‘buyology’.”


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