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January 20, 2009, 10:22 pm
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Just got back from Amsterdam – one of the largest and most infamous cities in the Netherlands. It feels like a German version of Scandinavia, rains like London and is open like nowhere else on earth.

But you don’t need me to tell you about canals and coffeeshops and giant phallic objects in the centre of the city…here’s a few observations from a marketing geek’s perspective.

  • People like to know where stuff came from. Wine is sorted by country. Kitchens are usually open (or in the basement with a kinda disturbing glass floor).
  • Most would rather pay more for good quality than get something cheap they don’t like.
  • As a general impression, there are few ads but they’re big. And simple.
  • Most noticeable ad? Bjorn Borg’s ‘Don’t make up, break up.’
  • Least noticeable? The fact that supermarkets blend into the surroundings. Surprise supermarket!
  • In fact, I don’t think I saw any ads on public transport at all. Maybe the super-efficiency of having a conductor on every train who has to ask where you’re going, give you a stamp and change means they don’t need extra funding from advertising. 😐

All that aside it’s a gorgeous city, I love the poffertjes (but might still need to be convinced about gouda) and the very random art and second hand book sales.

Picked up a very cheap copy of some Tenessee Williams plays I wanted, some postcards of the Viktor & Rolf exhibition now at Utrecht, and made the boy get some very cool rags.

And why yes, I did visit Dampkring cafe where Ocean’s Twelve was filmed 😉


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