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January 6, 2009, 8:44 pm
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Have a Movement. Have a Tribe. Lead Your People.

Since Tribes by Seth Godin so very many social media bloggers have been raving on about it – with good reason, but a little obsessively. Obsessively to the point where they’re calling shame on anybody not hurling themselves into creating a tribe for their product (example: “There’s an obligation to be useful, but if that’s all you are, then shame on you.”).

But I’m reminded of the dangers of making this a blanket rule by a Tom Fishburne cartoon‘s character: “But we make tile grout.”

If we take it back to Maslow’s hierarchy, the utility of…well, tile grout, might be safety. The thought of being connected with a brand goes up a step to belonging. It satisfies a higher need – and if we go by the theory, before we look for belonging we need to satisfy safety.

Also going with the theory, what if they’ve already satisfied their belonging needs?

What about the cool kids? The ones who already have their own set tribe that they take belonging and esteem out of? They’re tribe leaders – whatever they touch becomes cool. They don’t need to join tribes either. (For reference…)

Most advertising appeals lately have been aimed at higher needs – luxury symbols for esteem, green washing for self-actualisation.

But here’s what I really want to know…

How many tribes can a person be part of?

How many do they want to be part of?


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Interesting question to ask for self:
How many tribes can a person be part of?
may be 1-2 ??
How many do they want to be part of?
in dilemma about this Q

Comment by krishna


I never thought, when I saw you on sunday @ session, that you would write such an interesting blog! This is exactly topic, I´m into – branding, marketing…

Do you read Seth´s blog? He ´s very productive (sometimes I can ´t keep up:) but hes got some amazing thoughts.

And that Tribe – have you read it? I would like to at least touch that book:)

Good luck in Czech Rep.!

P.S. How is creating those posters going?


Comment by Honza - from sunday @ session

Hey Honza,

Just about to start on those posters 😛 Didn’t know you were into branding, do you have a blog of your own? Would be interested to see your take on branding in CZ!

Seth is on my RSS reader – which I haven’t really caught up with since getting here. Luckily his posts are short! I guess you won’t find Tribes around here? Definitely not in English! But you could download the e-Book?

Good to hear from you, enjoy your trip home!

Comment by katherineliew

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