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I Twitter or We Twitter
December 15, 2008, 1:18 am
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Can a brand blog? That’s the question which is being heavily debated, especially when it comes to that celebrity of the microblogging world, Twitter.

Just read a mashable article on the topic which argues that it should not be the brands but the people who control them that broadcast. On the whole, most people suggest that nobody wants to hear from, say, Microsoft – they want to hear from Bill Gates or someone working at Microsoft.

I’m currently trying to get a online strategy going for an SME though and I’m not so sure that going for a personal tack is the best way to go for all brands.

I keep hearing that it’s all about having a personality that you can interact with, and nobody wants to hear a brand just talk about itself.

But what about brand personality?

I really believe that there’s no blanket rule on this.

I wouldn’t want to hear Microsoft just talking about their new products. But I WOULD want to hear McKinsey talk about their work and the latest tips for good business.

I would prefer to hear from a dynamic personality which forms the guts of a small business but if they could infuse a business Twitter account with a personality of its own that reflects the core values of their business it would be an even more powerful statement.

It wouldn’t be easy, but it would be effective.


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As you said, there is no right or wrong answer even though Ive encountered virtually no corporate blogs that I would want to follow. Its worked great for entrepreneurs and their start ups because it is personal… and its a great way to show how much effort you put in 😀
What would work best is for companies to link to employees blogs not to “force” some of them to write on the blog.
Let me know when some one has figured out the perfect ingredients for the corporate blog recipe.

Comment by Morgan Coudray

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