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Marketing wilderness + Why Boston?
December 7, 2008, 8:24 pm
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It has just really hit home that I live in a marketing wilderness.

For those trying to get away from the fast life and get a bit of peace with all the creature comforts, it’s perfect.

For a girl trying to get somewhere in the marketing world, it’s not great.

On another note, I’m trying to figure out something from the developed marketing world…

Posted recently about a Kraft advertising tactic which is being implemented in the US.

Basically, to get some publicity for their Stove Top Stuffing brand they’re providing heating and samples in selected Boston bus stops.

What I want to know is, why just Boston?

Why not other major cities?

I know very little about Boston:

  1. It’s windy, apparently.
  2. It’s in…Massachussets?
  3. According to an ad in Monocle, it’s famous for genomics.
  4. That’s where Boston Legal is set.

Theories, anyone? I feel very unworldly.


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The simple fact that you have internet puts you in a good position, in my opinion, since blogs offer 1000000 school of thoughts on the subject. We are going to be the ‘best’ marketers because of all the info we are exposed to… the best ones will be the ones able to specialize themselves. I feel more like i’m in a marketing jungle, always sorting through information.

Regarding the Kraft promotion, the only half-decent explanation I can throw out there is the fact that Boston is the American hub for students: there are dozens and dozens of colleges and universities there! We all know that students are customers, if loyal, that will stay with one brand for the longest: they’ve got their entire lives in front of them.

Comment by Morgan Coudray

I agree with the above theory because it actually makes the most sense. I’ve read a couple of different blogs that talk about this and i keep seeing how the originator of stove top stuffing was born in Boston, which is completely false. It’s either that they want to market to college students or that the two Boston Celtics players that now endorse Stove Top Stuffing.

Comment by Rick

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