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Last mover advantage
December 4, 2008, 9:26 pm
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In social media you can definitely get a first mover advantage – more time to build relationships is ultimately going to lead to a larger network.

But it may be the first place we see a last mover advantage.

There are many brands and people we would like to see get into social media. When they finally do join, there’s an instant wave of word-of-mouth.

Think of the flood of anticipation when politicians started getting onto Twitter. Within minutes of setting up his account on Twitter (and much later than the opposition) Kevin Rudd had hundreds of followers through the publicity received from a few people telling their networks.

By coming onto the scene after your network, you might be able to capitalise on the networks of your network.


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Wow. So I should be telling clients to wait for the social media bandwagon to pass?

Great post, definitely some thinking outside the box here!

Comment by Zac Martin

Cheers – I think there’s a huge BUT on this though. They HAVE to already be someone we’re interested in. Otherwise they’ve just missed the bandwagon!

Comment by katherineliew

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