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Personal branding audit
December 3, 2008, 5:22 pm
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I’ve realised it’s about time to take my personal branding a bit more seriously. I’ve hit four months of writing this blog (yay!), a month of paid blogging and about one and a half years of independent consulting (however casual).

It’s tough trying to stand for a set of core values when you’re doing a lot of different things – activities shouldn’t be confused with values, but it can come across that way. Just like Enron lost its way by diversifying…

For example, Brandcurve is starting to take up more time – made a 10 place gain on the Power 150 then lost it again all in the last week. (Interestingly, one place ahead of one of my favourite reads, Brains on Fire…and two points behind another favourite, Servant of Chaos.) It’s more of a web journalism blog than this one, and focusses on American small business. Sometimes I feel like it’s not my blog, it’s just A blog and I’m the writer. Time to change that.

Oh, and I just found an old resume…

“Personal statement: I am a self-motivated and innovative individual constantly striving to improve both myself and my performance. I aim to be efficient, effective, reliable and responsible but above all to have a positive impact through my dealings with others.

Unfortunately what it says, if you look past face value, is something like…

“I yearn to be a dictionary.”

Underneath my issue of creating new business cards is the far more scary issue: my personal brand is a shambles.

So…what now?

Time for a rebrand…


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