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Another reason to live in London
November 29, 2008, 11:22 pm
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…is Soho’s restaurant Inamo.

Instead of spending money on attentive waitstaff and fancy menus, they’ve invested in a completely new design concept: interactive tabletops.

Each table has a screen underneath the table, with controls to alter the lighting, view the menu, check out the kitchen action or even order a taxi. Food orders are also handled through the computer, with the food brought out by the otherwise unoccupied waitstaff.

It’s clever because:

  • they save on labour costs
  • waitstaff don’t need to remember exactly who ordered what
  • orders don’t get lost
  • with lighting changes, it can be that romantic date spot or a vibrant dinner party
  • it’s REMARKABLE.

The concept on its own is good, but what makes it great is that (according to the reviews) they haven’t neglected the quality of the food either.

Can’t wait to visit London!


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Katherine, there is something I love and something I hate about this. On one hand I would definitly go cuz i love this stuff, I had been waiting for Windows Surface to make it to restaurants. On the other hand, isn’t it a talking point and a distracting element perfect for a dry meeting with a socially inept client or colleague? I’m just scared that it would take a little more away from our, already, diminishing face to face interactions.

Comment by Morgan Coudray

Windows Surface? Wow, hadn’t heard about that – I don’t think they’re using it though, it’s a projector rather than a screen.

I’m not sure what effect it will have on face to face interactions – by having automated ordering they’ve put the focus solely on the food as opposed to the service. However, it does leave you free to enjoy the time with your dinner companions without snarky waiters. You’d have to have the same taste in lighting as them though!

Comment by katherineliew

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