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The Moggies
November 18, 2008, 11:33 am
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MediaHunter (Craig of StickyAds) has just announced the creation of the Moggies, finding the best Australian posts in media and marketing. Not the most popular, the best.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results, as I think on the web it can be easy for good posts to go completely un-noticed. In music and fashion I’ve always tried to avoid what’s popular just because it’s popular and find new things that are offbeat but not getting the attention they deserve.

For that reason I’m on a hunt for under-recognised marketing blogs to profile on Brandcurve. I want to find the next people that are ready to rock the branding blogosphere; whether they’re long-time bloggers, industry insiders or students bringing out fresh ideas.

I’m still crafting the final details, but I want to find a way to showcase the talent that’s out there.

[Please, if you have recommendations leave a comment, send me an email or catch me on twitter.]

As for my own posts, I don’t think I’ve got any Moggies material but my favourite posts (not the most popular) have been:

And the most fun to write:


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