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Real UGC. + Demystifying ‘conversations’.
November 4, 2008, 10:08 pm
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I hate using Apple as an example of great branding.

I’m going to anyway.

There’s a lot of talk about user-generated content. When it works it’s amazing for a brand. When it doesn’t it can be a complete PR disaster. High risk, high gain.

The problem I see, is that UGC is seen as an advertising tactic and not a branding issue.

You don’t get a positive answer just because you ask a question. You get feedback when you’re doing something great.

If you want people to have conversations about you, give them something to talk about.

Apple has a well-designed product that works. It’s distinctive without being wacky.

For me, real UGC is the fact that 80% of the time you see a computer in TV shows, it’s a Mac.

Sometimes we believe that just because we’re marketers, the ‘conversations’ we have don’t follow the normal social rules. They do. A conversation isn’t a wacko theoretical concept that takes years to understand. Stop thinking about it as some mystical tactic – brands should practically interact like people. They don’t call it brand personality for nothing.


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