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Boys brand blogs better
October 29, 2008, 11:40 pm
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Yes, that’s right. In blogging, like literature, business and Mt Everest, it’s pretty much only men that get to the top.

You didn’t really need the confirmation, but Technorati’s ‘State of the Blogosphere 2008’ showed that out of the bloggers that responded to their annual survey, most of the successful ones were men.

Now most of the respondents were men (66%) but in the 100,000+ hits report this goes up to 78%. I’m scrolling through the Technorati Top 100. I’m nearly halfway and I’ve found…one woman at the top, and only one or two others.

When it comes to management positions, there are all kinds of theories about ‘the glass ceiling’ for women and why it exists: anything from gentlemen’s clubs and gender stereotypes to ‘but they just want to run off and have babies’.

But when it comes to blogging, which is largely faceless and can be done whenever, wherever…why are the women lagging behind? Especially when the results show that women are more likely to be savvy about advertising methods and make the effort to network?

Are men more likely to say exactly what they think on their blogs, creating a more opinionated and interesting read?

Do men maintain close linkage loyalty to a set network, which then constantly strengthens all of its members?

Or shall we be far-fetched and say that search engines were created by men and so are more likely to favour pages which appeal to a masculine way of thinking?

With that, I suspect it’s time for me to get back to my anthropology essay. Insights or random theories welcome.

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