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Who says finance people aren’t sociable?
October 22, 2008, 9:57 pm
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Companies are really getting serious about using the internet and social media to communicate with us difficult-to-understand Gen Y-ers.

You really know that a marketing practice is starting to become pervasive when the financial planners get in on it. This from my inbox today…

Interested in a career in Financial Planning?

If you think you are we’ll give you all the latest gear for a year –
including the latest laptop, coolest phone and camera PLUS a salary package
for 12 months valued at over $25,000*.

It’s a great way to jump start your financial planning, business or media
career and a fun way of becoming the most talked about, most watched
personality in financial planning history.

Get paid to run your own social media campaign. If you’re good with people,
not just numbers, then you could be regularly interviewing current financial
planning students – creating blog posts, videos and photos on their views,
opportunities, challenges and social life. You’ll also be reporting on the
Financial Planning Association’s National Conference and various FPA events,
interviewing all the major financial planning players as well as
investigating the major issues facing future financial planners.

All you have to do is dust off your inner Spielberg and make a video of
yourself. Tell us in 2 minutes or less why you should be the Financial
Planning Association’s Blog Star.

Submit your entries by uploading your video to YouTube and send us the link
before November 13, 2008 for your chance to win. We’ll fly the winner to
Queensland to be introduced as the FPA Blog Star at the National Conference
on November 19.

To enter or find out more go to:

The Financial Planning Association is Australia’s leading representative
body for the financial planning profession.

*Total salary and prize pool valued approximately $25,690. Includes: Apple
MacBook 2.4GHz, Sony handycam 30GB, Canon Powershot A580, Nokia mobile phone
and Wireless broadband.

Wow. Way to appeal. Dude, I always knew I wanted to be ‘the most talked about, most watched personality in financial planning history’ when I grew up.

I don’t really know where to start. They’re trying to use celebrity appeal as an incentive to get a student to run their social media campaign for them (as well as giving them an awful salary, I might add) which seems to come from the assumption that once you have a blog with content and a couple of youtube videos under your belt you’re a superstar.

It makes me want to laugh, and laugh.

Not to mention, how many people do you know who imagine being celebrities for being financial planners?

I’m also confused about the ‘participating universities’ list on the website – what, so anyone not from one of these universities can’t be the ‘Blog Star’? I note that most of the top tier universities are missing. Not sure why this is, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t help.

I am impressed that the industry is willing to take the risks online to better engage with a new generation of graduates and provide more information about themselves. But the whole thing does feel a little bit like ‘let’s do it because everyone else is’ and a little less like it’s being used as a strong tool to accomplish their strategic goals.

Watch out for the Blog Star…


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Are you so out of touch with University students?
I believe this is a great opportunity for students at University to develop their skills as well as doing something that may be of particular interest to their social demographic (myspace, facebook)
To most people in University, 20,000 pa is plenty of money to sustain their living, especially while study. In fact, it is quite substantial. Although this may seem a lackluster wage to yourself, (i apologise, you being a wealthy blogger who engages in extremely “witty” and “poignant” blogs about….. ?) to myself being a Uni Student this is one of the more lucaritve deals I have come across, especially one that accomodates students.

I only write this as you appear to be so ignorant as to the needs of University students. I am at uni. I dont care for celebrity of people. In fact, call me a misanthropist. But for part time hours, at 20000 k a year, writing blogs? It does sound exceptionally fun and exciting.
“I am impressed that the industry is willing to take the risks online to better engage with a new generation of graduates and provide more information about themselves”. Unfortunately your sarcasm may be effective in enticing the 50+ age demographic you write for, however, please consider that not everyone has the same tastes, financial situation or aspirations as you.
btw, some of the universities, that appear on the list, may not be universities that you associate with success, but clearly do so in their field.

“Watch out for the Blog Star…”

Yeah thanks, and ill tell my friends to watch out for Katherine. ZZZZ….

Thankyou for my time, i doubt you will publish this. But take a step toward reality.

Comment by anon

Thanks for giving me a proper comment this time. Maybe next time you can leave a name.

I am, in fact, a university student. A university student who IS trying to make it as a blogger.

I do actually attend one of the universities on that list and yeah, it has its strengths, but the point is that not all of them are on there. I see no decent reason to exclude some of the country’s best universities.

So being a student – sure, 20 grand would be pretty nice at the moment. However, that value is calculated including the prizes. When you consider how much they would have to pay for a professional agency to do this, it doesn’t look so good. It looks like outsourcing for cheap labour.

Now about that opportunity. Not bad. And I’m genuinely impressed – whatever sarcasm you read into it wasn’t intended. But do realise that blogging is an opportunity that any student can make for themselves. And make money for themselves.

The celebrity factor is mentioned because they’re trying to use it as an incentive. I agree with you – not everyone wants to be a celebrity. But that assumption seems to have been made. And for those that do want celebrity status blogging won’t necessarily make you one, hence my criticism.

But hey, I’m no expert, and if you read my ‘about’ page you’ll find I don’t pretend to be. So if you think I still haven’t justified what I’ve said, challenge me.

Yours faithfully,


Comment by katherineliew

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