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Overhaul for Fairfax
October 20, 2008, 10:29 pm
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I’ve blogged previously about my confusion over The Advertiser/AdelaideNow and their direction and now it finally starts to make more sense…

  • First, the logo. Had a chat with the friendly guy responsible at Synovate and apparently research told them people prefer a newer font, and so a newer font they got. I maintain that it makes them stand out less on display, but I guess when you practically have a monopoly that’s not an issue.
  • The AdelaideNow title makes sense in the context of the website, where papers from all of the states compete for headline space. I thought the Herald Sun was from Sydney. Oops.

But now comes the news that is getting a complete overhaul.

Word on the street is that users will be able to fully customise their news page in both content and design. If users can add in things like email apps or favourite links I think we might start to see a rival for sites like iGoogle in the Australian market. Advertisers will also get more options – and there’ll be more of them, trying to get at the youth market.

I maintain my earlier remarks that traditional media will still hold sway for a while longer. But I’m starting to think that it will be dependent on more conclusive results coming out on the most effective ways to market online.

So there’s a lot of movement going on at Fairfax which promises to be interesting. Still going to be looking for more synchrony of the brand in the future, but time will tell…


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